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Robosapien Robot V2 by Wow Wee and Official Forums

Welcome to therobosapien.com we have the one and only official online forum community for the newest and hottest toy of the Christmas season! Forums to re-open soon!


The robosapien robot is not just your run of the mill toy. He is truly a fusion of technology and personality. We love this little robot humanoid so much that we have developed a whole website withrobot in box information on the little guy. Information on the new spidersapien is on it's way!

On this site you will find:

  • Robosapien Users Manual in pdf format
  • Reviews from national shows
  • Online Video of the Robot in action
  • Pricing Guides on where to get the best deal
  • Pictures of our robo friend
  • The Official Online Forum for Robosapien and V2
  • Loads of information about the robot.
  • The best hacks on the planet!

robosapien user manualManufactured by Wow Wee the RoboSapien, is a full function quick moving robot able to assist with all of your entertainment needs. The robot is currently being shipped and is now available to North America! Click on the pricing guide page to find the robots at the absolute best price!

Alert - New toys from wowee are in! The roboraptor, spidersapien and Robosapien Media will have coverage on our site soon!

Suggested Retail Price: $99 based on your location. However there are many places where you can buy him at a much better price. Be sure to checkout or up to date Robosapien Pricing Guide page for the discount sites to get the BEST toy of 2004.

Your Mr. Sapien was designed by a scientist that works for NASA

small picture of robosapienThe Robosapien features Several Walking speeds. Fully functional arms with different gripper types. The Robosapien mostly speaks caveman talk with uhs, ahs and 'uh-ohs'. Multiple Programmable reflexes to pickup, grab, kicks, or plays sounds. Also several different karate type moves. As many as 84 program steps, and 4 program modes for a more advanced operation. Every function is given to the robot through the ergonomic remote control.

The robot runs on standard C sized batteries for over six hours. Three demo modes: Disco, Rudeness, and Kung Fu. Over 67 programmable functions. He can throw, kick, sweep, pickup, dance, whistle, fart, belch. The robot is easy enough for kids to enjoy, advanced modes for adults. There are even new mods that are coming out that allow you to extend the function of this robot. Checkout our forums for more information. Checkout our new reviews of the robopet and spidersapien

The world has never seen a web site so dedicated to this little robot. Our online forums have now tripled over the last few days and are quickly becoming THE place to share hacks, reviews, and tips.